Before we produce, we listen.

Before we mix and sound design your commercial or promo or animated show, we listen. Before we score your feature film, we listen.

We listen well because it’s the essence of collaboration, and we want to hear what YOU have to say. We listen well so your message always rings true.


“…arguably the hardest working and most creative post house on the planet”  

- Headliner Magazine read article

“Sandblast never fails to give us something killer, something new and exciting, no matter what the schedule allows… they really are the best”

- John Hirsch, Executive VP of Production MSM


Sound Matters

Sound, the sonic energetic vibrations we hear and feel, is transformational on every level. It lifts us, frightens us, soothes us, informs us, enlightens us, elevating everything it contacts. Emotional, spiritual, physical, vibrational energy affects every aspect of our existence from the cosmic (check out NASA's website to hear the music of the planets) to the molecular (see the Acutonics Institute, and explore Masaru Emoto's water crystal images before and after being exposed to the Pachelbel Canon).

Pretty heavy, right?  But you ain't heard nothing yet!

Sound organizes matter into beautiful shapes and patterns.  It's the field of Cymatics! As sound waves travel through matter they animate the inanimate, creating new overtones as they do so.  It is what makes a violin sound like a violin and a trumpet a trumpet. Same frequency created by vibrations passing through wood or brass. Sound waves can amplify upon themselves via sympathetic vibration causing matter to shake until it explodes like a glass shattered by an opera singer or perhaps the walls of Jericho as a keystone shook so much it fell and so the walls came tumbling down.  Sound literally transforms everything and everyone it touches.

We hear this in music, as different frequencies and intervals affect us in different ways.  The interval of the fourth gives us strength, a major third gives us rest, a minor third evokes sadness and compassion. The tritone—also known as an augmented fourth or diminished fifth—was not allowed inside the church for many years and was known as “The Devil's Interval” believed to open up the gates of Hell should it be played without ever resolving. When Stravinsky premiered his Rite of Spring at the Théatre des Champs-Elysées in Paris in 1913, a riot broke out, not only because people were upset over the nature of the composition, but because the actual tonalities of the constant emphasis on the tritone eventually drove the audience into a frenzy. Exposure to a specific set of frequencies created a massive overactive state.

At Sandblast, we understand that power on every level.  We won't drive you crazy, but we will listen like crazy to find and create the sounds you need to tell your stories.

Sound affects Everything! Sound is Elemental. Sound Matters!



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